Wahoo Power Drive

Columbus Race

The race at Columbus went well for the teams. Car S44 was the first to race. At the beginning the vehicle was great, it started near the back of the pack and raced its way to 2nd place. But as time wore on the car slowed and lost momentum. The culprit was a bad battery. Cole Barry and Seth Stewart drove car S44. Car S66 raced in the advanced class. Car S66 started at the back and raced its way up towards the front. But to laps in the gear weld snapped on us. We had to take S44's gear off and put it on S66. After that was all done it was smooth sailing. But near the end of the race the wiring started to go. We tried to bypass it with a bolt, but it only worked for a few laps till it started to smoke. At the end, we had to pull out of the race. Joel Gensler and Cameron Nadrachl drove car S66. At the end of the day everybody had a great time racing and seeing the other teams cars and designs.

State Championship